Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Good Friend Understands the Unspoken Words

Meeting the ladies of NYOBC has been a blessing for us all.  We've all learned new things.  We've read books {kind of} that we'd normally never read.  We've shared things that we've never shared with anyone else.  We've laughed.  Some have cried.  We've offered advice.  Given support.  We've simply created relationships that are priceless.  We each bring a unique personality to the group.  Some of us are the serious type.  Some are the entertaining ones.  While others are full of knowledge. 
This past month our reading selection was

{Michele Scott}

This book seemed to describe who we are.  A group of women who somehow found each other and became the greatest of friends.  Not all the same.  They didn't always agree.  They came from different backgrounds.  They led different lives.  But for happy hour... they were there for each other.  They understood each other... even when some things were left unspoken. 

I love my happy hour girls. 

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